Book A Grooming Appointment Online

Want to book an appointment quickly and easily? You can do so by submitting all relevant information right here, and Booking Online.

Even if you message us asking for an appointment, you will automatically be directed here, as we need you to fill out the forms in addition to booking your appointment.

All information is held securely, never passed on to any other party, and is handled in line with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Why do we ask for so many details? The more we know about your pigs, the more prepared we can be for what we are likely to need to do, if we need to be even more vigilant than usual, and if we might need to tailor the service to suit each individual.

Form last updated: 28 June 2023

If you’ve booked your appointment (and it’s been confirmed) and you’ve filled out the Grooming Details form, you’re all done. Please await confirmation of your appointment before turning up. Thank you very much for choosing Tiny Paws Guinea Pig Groomer!

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