Over the Rainbow Bridge

One of the hardest parts of keeping any pet, including guinea pigs, is the painful reality that one day your time together in the physical world comes to an end. Losing them is hard, no less painful than the loss of any “bigger” pet like cat or dog. Sometimes it’s illness, sometimes it’s old age; sometimes they leave us peacefully on their terms, and sometimes we are forced to choose to end or even prevent pain or suffering. Each loss is unique in circumstance and as a result of the bond created with that individual pig.

Whether or not you believe their spirit lives on, we feel it is important to remember and acknowledge the lives of those who we have personally been blessed enough to meet, however briefly, or over a longer period of time.

I apologise if I have missed anyone out here, if you are a client of mine and have lost a pig that you have brought to me in the past, please do drop me an email and let me know.

All artwork and poetry featured on this page exclusively by (and copyright of) Tracey Humphreys.

Gertie, Bert, Ernie, Flake, Snowflake, Flash, Pidley, Nigel, Scruffy, Dougie, Isaac, Lenny, Milo, Nibbles, Winter, Athena, Finty, Cleo, Mabel, Seraphina, Hazel, Peach, Reggie, Tilly, Luna, Jacob, Gandalf, Mavra, Betty, Garfunkel, Mossy, Patchy, Ginger, Bubble, Pippin, Lucifer, Jack Black, Treacle, Bella, Beatrice, Iris, Percy, Annie, Gambit, Quiche, Snowflake, Betty, Teddy, Merry, Wotsit, Ruby, Florrie, Noomi, Custard, Star, Pepper, Pebble, Brian, Fleur, Gandalf, Hunter, Oreo, Pig, Ben, Spotty, Rosie, Honey, Pepper, Willy, Albi, Dobby, Fidget, Bara, Pringle, Trixie

Last Updated: 15 May 2024

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