My Guinea Pig’s Record Folder (PDF Download & Print)


My Guinea  Pig’s Record Folder – the ONLY document you will ever need to provide a full, in-depth record of your guinea pig’s present life and history, from the day-to-day necessities to detailed medical notes and ongoing weight tracking. One payment, one download, unlimited prints.

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Back due to popular demand…the reincarnated version of Cavy Record Folders circa 2010! Freshly updated and made available as a downloadable and printable PDF, so you only need to buy one but print as many as you need for your furry squeaky companions, these little booklets – now renamed My Guinea Pig’s Record Folder – hold everything a petsitter, vet, rodentologist or even interested visitor could need to know. They will assist anyone who doesn’t know your pets to help identify each of your piggies, and understand how that guinea pig lives, who they live with,what they eat, where they live, what they’re bedded  on, when they were last bathed, plus of course the ever-vital weight tracking, health check and medical charts…and still more!

Standard price is £2.50 to cover the hours of work that went into these folders and to account for the fact that you can print 100 of these off if you wanted to. £2.50 will cover a FULL folder for every one of your guinea pigs.

The fee simply goes towards creating ready-printed booklets which I will be able to offer, as well as covering costs I incur to keep the website running and to cover the phone bills amassed by opening up my adviceline once again.



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