Website Updates


15/05/24 –
Rainbow Bridge updated with Trixie’s passing.
Main Menu tweaked to flow and better direct users.
Availability calendar updated to the end of the year and update on summer availability posted.
Website maintenance upgrades.

23/04/24 –
Availability calendar updated and Key Holiday Dates blog post updated.
Website maintenance upgrades.

30/03/24 –
Availability calendar updated and Key Holiday Dates blog post updated.
Tweaks made to Tip for Your First Visit blog post.
New products listed in our Tracey Humphreys Art shop.
Website maintenance upgrades.


22/03/24 –
Availability calendar updated on all relevant pages.
Key holiday dates published on the Blog.
Grooming Details (booking form) updated.
Explaining the types of groom we offer in a Blog post.
Website maintenance upgrades.

06/03/24 –
Rainbow Bridge page updated to add Pringle and Bara.
Pricing page updated to reflect change to “basic” grooming services and new option for semi long haired pigs.
Grooming page updated to reflect change to “basic” grooming services and new option for semi long haired pigs.
Website maintenance upgrades have continued in the period between January and March, just not been noted when other work was not carried out.

17/01/24 –
All Advice Sheets (listed in Members Area) removed and re-uploaded to allow for a uniform font across all pieces. (Updates to sheets, briefer documents on common topics and QR codes for public access to brief versions will be available by the end of April).
Logo at lower end of Home page changed to transparent background.
Fixed the Gorgeous Guineas footer banner (removal of two random, unknown blank boxes).
Updates to following pages – Boarding, Grooming, Pricing, Mobile Services, and About Us.
Late Payment fee and deposit for first-time boarding customers introduced.
Mobile fee for grooms/collection/drop-off set at flat fee of £10.
Basic grooms changed to include nails, foot spurs, health and weight checks. All “cleaning” procedures to be carried out on-site only.
Contracts added to Square booking system requiring signatures to confirm correct procedure is completed on booking grooming or boarding appointments.
Insurance for pet minding and grooming renewed until 25 January 2025.
Availability Calendar updated with upcoming boarding availability, including Feb half-term and Easter.
Website maintenance upgrades.

10/01/24 –
Published blog post about loss of George.
Updated Rainbow Bridge page to include Albi, Dobby and Fidget.
Website maintenance upgrades.

08/12/23 –
Published blog post sharing the 2024 Tiny Paws Calendar.
Updated Availability Calendar.
Updated Rainbow Bridge page to include tributes to Rosie, Honey, Pepper and Willy, and added Brian’s photo.
Website maintenance upgrades.

20/09/23 –
New blog post published with Guinea Pig Awareness Week membership offer.
Updated boarding contract on Holiday Boarding Booking form.
Added extra question to Grooming Request form.
Added direct buttons to Square Appointments booking system on boarding and grooming pages (not just in sidebar).
Updated FAQs.
Availability Calendar updated with current availability for October half-term, Christmas & New Year.
Website maintenance upgrades.

23/08/23 –
Adjusted the menus to improve ease of use and user functionality.
Added new 6-month membership option.
Updated names and gallery of piggies who have passed to our Rainbow Bridge page.
Updated Availability Calendar (for boarding).
Created and published the Guinea Pig Profile form and page.
Created and published a page and gallery of some of my piggy photography.
Website maintenance upgrades.

28/06/23 –
Published gallery of piggies who have passed on our Rainbow Bridge page.
Published gallery of grooming before/afters on the Grooming page.
Published gallery of our own past piggies on the About Us page.
Updated Grooming and Holiday Boarding booking in forms.
Website maintenance upgrades.

We’ve updated the tables on the Pricing, Grooming, and Holiday Boarding pages with our 2023 prices.
We’ve updated the Membership page with the new price.
We’ve updated the availability calendar.
We’ve updated the About Us page to reflect the loss of Hugo, and also published a blog post with our farewell/eulogy to him.
We’ve updated the Rainbow Bridge page to include the losses of Hugo, Fleur and Gandalf.
We’ve run the required website maintenance upgrades.

We’ve published our 2023 prices, due to take effect for new bookings from 1 June, in a blog post.
We’ve streamlined the grooming and boarding cages, so it’s a little less wordy and a little more to the point.
We’ve run the required website maintenance upgrades.

We’ve added photos of our boarding setup (finally!) and updated our availability calendar, and we are starting to add in some new photos around the website.
We’ve also streamlined the homepage by removing unnecessary text and added our location with an interactive Google Map to help people decide if they can travel to us.
Rainbow Bridge page has been updated with the loss of Pepper.
We have published the latest news re our price increase, which did not come into force as planned in March!
We created this page ‘Website Updates’, which is linked at the bottom of the home page, specifically to log what updates we have worked on and when, for transparency between us and our clients.
We’ve run the required website maintenance upgrades.

19/04/23 – As far as we are aware, we have fixed at least some of the payment issues on the website. You should be able to pay with PayPal and Google/Apple Pay as normal. If you are attempting to process a payment using Square and it is not working, please let me know as I’m unsure if I have been able to resolve this particular payment gateway. Thanks for your patience!
We’ve run the required website maintenance upgrades.

April ’23 We are still in the process of updating our photographs and some details throughout the website, we apologise for any inconvenience. Always working on it but with everything else it’s a big job for one!

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