Key Holiday Dates (Updated 23 Apr)

If you’re looking for holiday boarding for your piggies, there are a few dates I will not be available. I will have two good friends and fellow experienced piggy owners in charge at TPHQ looking after my boys, and they do have experience with handling boarders – everything from managing the basics of feeding and cage cleans, administering medication and monitoring health, and also taking my place in the boarding dropoff/collection process. However, where possible, I don’t want to give these lovely ladies any more work than is necessary, so I’m aiming to keep it to just my own two reprobates boys for the following dates:

If however you do need holiday cover for your pigs encompassing any of the above dates, and you understand that the care arrangement will be different for at least part of their stay, I am happy to discuss whether Mel and Lou are happy to look after your piggies on my behalf in addition to keeping the two terrors Woody and Rupert under control!

I am keeping the Availability Calendar up to date as often as I can. Whilst it is accurate, things can change, and there may be spaces that pop up here and there for various reasons, so it is worth enquiring even if some of the dates you need are marked out in red.

The dates I am currently 100% full for, with very little likelihood of space opening up and no scope to create even temporary extra space, are mainly in the summer holidays:

In total I have three cages available for groups of 3-4 pigs; 6-8 cages suitable for no more than 2 pigs; and 4 cages for single pigs. Please book in as early as you can in order to avoid disappointment!

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