Red Alert: Beat the Heat this Summer

22 – 26 July 2019

We are formally issuing a red alert to the UKs guinea pigs (and rabbits) in light of the temperatures forecast for the coming week.

Guinea pigs physiologically cannot sweat or pant. They do not have the ability to cool themselves down when they get too hot. They are exceptionally vulnerable to heatstroke – especially our UK piggies who are not at all used to temperatures in the high 20s and 30s. Therefore it is YOUR responsibility to make their environment as cool and comfortable as possible. Prevention is far easier, better – and cheaper – than a cure.

Starting by bringing them into a fully sheltered area, in the shade or a darkened room, well away from direct sunlight. Hutches in direct sunlight, whether wooden or plastic, heat up to as much as 20⁰ HIGHER than the ambient air temperature outside. That means this week, hutched pets will be suffering with temperatures in the region of 50⁰c if you do not take action to protect them.

We all know that dogs die in hot cars.

Well, guinea pigs and rabbits die in hot hutches. And most of them live in them nearly 24/7.

Be responsible. They’re never “just” that pet that you keep outside in the garden. They are lives that you hold in your hands.

Further tips on helping small animals cope with the heat can be found here:…/TP-Advice-Sheet-Bea…

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