Why the Membership Scheme?

Membership to Tiny Paws is optional, anyone is welcome to use our services and to seek advice. Membership does not give anyone priority above anyone else nor does it permit the client to preferential treatment.

We chose to offer a membership as a way of rewarding the loyalty of many of our clients, and to try to make our services more accessible to others. Anyone can become a Tiny Paws Member at the flat fee of £40 per year which provides a full 12 months from the date of payment. The fee is the same no matter how many guinea pigs you have, nor does it change however frequently (or infrequently) you use our services.

New for 2023, we have introduced a new, shorter-term membership option which provides the full benefits of membership but for six months, at £25. This is ideal if you perhaps only wish to book your pigs in for two weeks of boarding, but don’t want to use the benefit of the grooming discount on a longer term basis, for example.

Since most members make considerably more than £40 in savings across a year, or £25 across six months, it’s more of a loyalty scheme if you like: a big thank you from us to you for trusting us with your beloved piggies.

Membership permits the member to:

* Exclusive access to our Members Only area on our website containing all our articles, charts and other content as soon as it’s released

* Holiday boarding, home visit and bonding fees discounted by up to 30% per day

* Up to 30% discount on grooming fees

* Free nail trims

* Free printed weight chart

To celebrate the soft-launch of the six-month membership, we're offering a free additional month to anyone who signs up to either a six- or twelve-month membership during Guinea Pig Awareness Week (GPAW) between 25th and 29th September 2023.

More about GPAW can be found here: https://guineapigawarenessweek.com/

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