Price Increases From 1st March :(



Note however that bookings made prior to this date will be honoured at the rate quoted at the time of booking. Booking in advance could really pay off!

Public pricing will go up in a way which reflects not only the increased costs I incur to do my job (electricity, gas, water, petrol), but to reflect the skill and experience I provide for certain services. I have knowingly undersold myself for some time when it comes to my extremely specialist precision grooming and health awareness.

The cost of joining the Membership program will increase from the annual payment of £30 up to £35, and discounts will reduce from 30% down to ~15% for grooms and ~25% for boarding. After asking current clients what they felt was fair, I have met them in the middle: I’ve not raised the Membership price by much, but I am reducing the level of discount that Membership offers. Currently I give almost a third off most services to members, and that needs to change. Don’t worry too much: I’m focussed mainly on increasing the prices of the skilled work (e.g. long haired grooms) and the utility-intensive aspects (boarding as it includes a ton of material and utility costs) and in fact making some services completely free for members. In summary, before 1st March is a great time to join up, and so is 1st March onwards! How it should be 🙂 If you are already a member and it’s just renewed or will renew before 1st March 2023, then I will honour the 30% discounts you signed up to, albeit in respect of the new price structure.

I will try to keep costs as low as possible. This is the first price increase I have introduced since the start of 2020 – pre-pandemic, before we knew what “lockdown” meant, back when HM The Queen was alive and even the idea of King Charles III still seemed wildly unthinkable. An awful lot has changed in the world, and a lot has changed closer to home, too.

I don’t wish to outprice any of my clients, or potential customers. My priority is making welfare services available in a sustainable way for both you and I. Discounts on pricing may be offered initially to the unemployed, students, disabled and anyone in difficult circumstances to help with the cost of living crisis. As awkward as it may be though, I must add the caveat that I reserve the right to ask for proof of your unemployed, student or disabled status to be able to offer you the full reduction in price that I want to be able to offer you. If I’ve known you for many years, it’s one thing. New clients are almost certain to be genuine, but when you make it public that you’ll cut prices for certain folk, it has to be done to protect myself from chancers taking advantage of a little kindness and my obvious need to be able to help all of these piggies that need me for whatever reason.

I will announce the new pricing structure in due course, in advance of 1st March.

Thank you for understanding.

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