Local Resources (Huntingdon/Cambs Area)

Finally, at long last after procrastinating on it for about 2 years, something useful for you all…a LOCAL RESOURCE post!!

We/I are in no way affiliated with any of the following companies, brands, or individuals. This is simply a list of local organisations I can personally vouch for as I, or trusted clients of mine, use them ourselves. Note that this also makes this a non-exhaustive list. I will consider adding recommendations dependent on if I can check them out myself or if I know the person passing on the recommendation.

I cannot vouch for any recommendations posted within comments on any of my social media, so as such please only consider my recommendations to be those I have included myself in this post.

So let’s begin.


East Anglian Guinea Pig Rehoming

Approx 1.5hrs from Huntingdon, nr Diss

    Primrose Piggies

    Approx 30 mins from Huntingdon, in Bedfordshire

    Hazelcroft Guinea Pig Rescue

    Approx 1hr from Huntingdon, in St Albans


    Warboys Pet Supplies

    Approx 15 mins from Huntingdon, in Warboys

    Handy Supplies – Aubiose, Readigrass, Virkon S disinfectant

    Rollins Farm Supplies

    Approx 20 mins from Huntingdon, in Somersham

    Handy Supplies – Aubiose, Readigrass, Burgess Excel nuggets multiple pack sizes, Friendly Readigrass hays multiple pack sizes, Burgess Excel hays, local short-chopped hay


    Approx 30 mins from Huntingdon, in Pondersbridge

    Handy Supplies – Aubiose, Readigrass, Dengie Pure Grass, Burgess Excel nuggets, local short-chopped hay, Virkon S disinfectant

    All above stores will also order in almost anything you need on request!


    Please be aware that some vets may not currently be accepting new clients, however these are my own preferred go-tos – either myself or to refer people to.

    Church House Veterinary Clinic- Tebbutts

    Approx 20 mins from Huntingdon, in St Neots.

    Most experienced guinea vet at the practice – Alasdair Tebbutt.

    Noted For – uterine tumour diagnosis + removal/full spay, boar castration, cardiac disease, hyperthyroidism

    The Cat and Rabbit Care Clinic

    Approx 1hr from Huntingdon, in Northampton.

    Most experienced guinea vet at the practice – Kim + Simon Maddock.

    Noted For – conscious dentistry, abscess treatment, eye treatment, full systemic treatment of fungal disease, spaying, bladder problem management


    The above “noted for” notes are based on personal or long-term client experiences with these practices. The conditions listed are not at all what they are limited to, merely what I would consider to be of significant value to guinea pig owners and in order to suggest which veterinarian I would choose to take and/or recommend my clients take their pigs to for specific conditions. No vet is perfect, no vet knows everything or can do everything, which is why it’s important to build a picture of what we do have available to us.


    This list will be added to and updated to try to keep it up to date. Additional information about each resource will be considered. I will also create a list of online suppliers I use and what I buy from them, as some products I recommend aren’t practical or available to buy locally.

    Last Updated: 30 November 2022

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