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Oftentimes it comes up in conversation what bedding/shampoo/food/hay (and so on) I use and where I source it from. While I buy a lot of my supplies locally I also buy just as many online.

Below I list the places I personally purchase specific supplies and items from. We/I are in no way affiliated with any of the following companies, brands, or individuals. This is simply a list of online organisations I can personally vouch for as I, or trusted clients of mine, use them ourselves. Note that this also makes this a non-exhaustive list. I will consider adding recommendations dependent on if I can check them out myself or if I know the person passing on the recommendation.



Orchard Grass – Bulk Buy 22kg (50lb)

The Hay Experts

Small Pet Select

SPH Supplies

UK-Grown Orchard Grass 16kg


Meadow Hay (bulk purchase and delivery)

The Happy Hay Co

Little Hay Co



I usually buy this locally, however for the purposes of those not local to Huntingdon/Cambs here are links to the exact product. Once you know what the product looks like, it makes it easier to shop around online for the cheapest prices.

Readigrass 15kg

Graze On 15kg

Just Grass 12.5kg

Dengie Pure Grass 15kg


Cage Creations (full cage kits, and individual components)

C&C Guinea Pig Cages (full cage kits)

Kavee (fulll cage kits, individual components and accesssories) (not UK based but ships regularly to UK customers from EU, no delivery problems)


C&E Cage Creations and Cosies


Cavy Couture


Note that this list is being regularly checked and updated, but it is not an exhaustive list by any means. Where we have not bought the product online ourselves – or where there are many, many places to buy the product from (often including Amazon and eBay!) – we have instead chosen to link to the product website in order to show you the specific item to help you source it yourself, either online or locally. We do recommend shopping around as prices can vary hugely. We are not responsible for the websites we have linked to nor to their business or personal assets. If you spot a broken link, please do let us know either via social media or by dropping us an email.

Last Updated: 8 February 2023

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