We Have Lost Our Boy Hugo

Hugo Cedric James

1 August 2019 – 17 June 2023

✨ A goodbye I had half expected, but not one I expected to have to make the decision to assist with. His spirit was strong, his heart failing but still beating so strong as the rest of his tiny, beautiful body failed him. Letting him drift off to sleep sooner was the only option, but it still doesn’t stop you wishing you had held off so you could still be holding on, loving on them, letting them know just how much they are adored. The truth is, there is never enough time for us. I hope he knew how much I loved him. I kissed him endlessly in the days leading up to having to make the call on Saturday, but I’d still give anything to hold his delicate face in my hand and smother him with kisses once more. ✨

I fell in love with you Hugo when you were a mere day old. You and your sister Luna surprise babies to your mum Ginny – so very tiny and young herself – and aunt Hermione (definitely aunt and not daddy, first thing I checked!!). The fact that of the two of you tiny ones, I had unwittingly fallen for the boy, and that your mum and aunt had been booked in to stay here for a little while before you appeared, you were destined to be with us.

Oh how you caused trouble though, so much trouble! It wasn’t the easiest life with the first year being spent spending the days with one of your “dads” and the nights with the other — all because they couldn’t agree on how to raise you together, they both wanted to protect you and to keep you for themselves, they were both so possessive over you. You eventually chose George as your guide into adulthood, a questionable choice in my view when Wilbur was the other option 😂 but you worked. Until your hormones got a little too much and you went a little bit off the rails. Stalking every movement and mounting George every time he blinked was probably a little much, he’s traumatised for life.

***Castrating for behavioural reasons is not something I generally advocate, but Hugo evidently was driven by overwhelmingly powerful hormonal issues, and since chemical castration wasn’t a local option we opted for the full neuter.***

Suddenly you were transformed and you became virtually unrecognisable. Gone was the mounting, the stalking, the terrorising…we had a pig who finally at the age of 2.5yrs was not being controlled by his hormones! A calm boy with the most loving, sweet personality. The last year with you was a joy – but even if you were still trouble, I wouldn’t have loved you any less. It would have been harder to kiss you and hold you, but I accepted you wholly with or without the hormones!

I will miss seeing your beautiful face every day, your nosiness and intrigue, your grumpy teeth chattering, your gentle butterfly kisses, and yes even the haircuts…that last one on the way to the vets on Saturday was so you. 🥹

There was and always will be only one Hugo. No other pig will be quite like you buddy. I’m heartbroken our time together was unfairly short, but I will never forget or lose that feeling of love that came with being your Mama.

Rest well my beautiful little boy. Mummy loves you, my handsome Hugo-a-go-go pudding. King of the chin and cheek rubs for all eternity ❤️💔

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